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A  pictorial biography of Charles Darwin


Like all theoretical biologists, I owe an enormous debt to Charles Darwin. His
natural selection and sexual selection theories
provide the rock-solid base
from which we're able to explore evolution in all its forms.
In fact, most
theoretical biology invo
simply extrapolating the original ideas in The
Origin of Species.

But as well as guiding my own research into evolutionary processes, Darwin
provided an equally important personal inspiration.
His honesty, humility, personal courage and excitement for discovery were equally inspirational.

As well as being a celebration of Darwin's extraordinary life and an insight into his inner world, this web site is intended as a visual resource for scholars, educators and students. The object is to gather into a single online database every photograph, sketch and painting ever made of Darwin during his life.

The site quotes extensively from a short autobiography Darwin wrote in 1876, ostensibly for his children, but obviously written with an eye for posterity.

Danny Vendramini. Sydney 2004

Martha Ruszkowski has kindly translated this page into Ukranian.

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Formative years


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Origin of Species




Final years

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Download wallpapers of Down House (800 X 600)

I took the photos of Down House in 2004. Feel free to download them for personal use

Picture credits
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The Second Evolution 


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