danny-vendramini-with-rock-art3Research interests

Danny Vendramini is a science writer specializing in evolutionary theory. In a hallmark 2005 paper, Vendramini theorized the existence of a second evolutionary process responsible for the creation and inheritance of complex instincts, emotions and innate behaviors in the animal kingdom. Since then he has been researching the rudiments of the second evolutionary process, trying to understand why it evolved, how it creates instincts and innate behaviors in animals, how it functions vis-à-vis the DNA molecule, and especially how it influences the evolution of complex physical forms.

His efforts to integrate teem theories of biology, genetics, emotion, memory, perception, motivation, anthropology, palaeontology and psychology continue to engage him.

cover-T&U-140wIn 2009, Vendramini applied teem theory to resolve longstanding questions about the origins and abrupt appearance of fully modern humans. The result was his groundbreaking book, Them and Us, How Neanderthal predation created modern humans, published by Kardoorair Press, Australia.

Them and Us, controversially theorized that Neanderthal males interbred with archaic human females in the Middle East 100,000 years ago and that this radically affected human evolution. The prediction was dramatically confirmed the following year by the Draft Sequence of the Neanderthal Genome, (2010).

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Personal stuff

BM1Danny Vendramini lives in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney, Australia. Apart from the life sciences, Vendramini’s other passions include film-making (check out his doco on YouTube, Neanderthal, Profile of a super-predator), movies, Shakespeare, anthropology, architecture, Charles Darwin (see his Darwin website), politics, solo backpacking, travel photography and sculpture. His sculpture, Ms Bling won the Open 3D section of the 2015 Blue Mountains Waste-to-art competition.


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Ph: (61-2) 4758 7381

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