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Faith Singer was voted one of the  ‘50 Essential Reads by living Writers’ by the Guardian, Orange Prize Committee and the Hay Literary Festival. The other Australian writers were Tim Winton and  John Coetzee

Faith Singer is a radiant and unsparing portrait of the underbelly of Sydney life by one of Australia's finest novelists. Addiction, obsession, betrayal and redemption coalesce in storytelling so vivid and prose so elegant it will leave you slightly breathless.
Mandy Sayer

Sydney's Kings Cross-sleazy, cruel and compassionate- and in the midst of it all, the wise and warm-hearted Faith Singer. With all her great gift for narrative and characterisation this is Rosie Scott's best novel to date.
Dorothy Hewett

Scott gets the Cross exactly right..brings a number of ideas about contemporary Sydney into this memorable story..
Christopher Bantick,
Australian Book Review

Rosie Scott is a writer with a huge heart and this is a warm, generous, moving book. Faith Singer celebrates music with its ability "to stir up the dumb grieving that lies at the heart of all of us" .It also celebrates Sydney, in all its tawdry beauty, as one of the great world cities where outsiders can feel at home; and it celebrates the wisdom of unruly older women.
Judith White, The Bulletin

Rosie Scott's novel is a roar of anger about dying street kids, a story that relies on emotional heat and lip-biting hope for its momentum..Faith is a great character …She's growing old disgracefully.
Great Reading

This book looks into souls and will make you feel better about yourself and the world.
Book of the Week, New Women

As much a profound study of the city of Sydney as it is of the main characters, Faith Singer is a celebration of diversity and friendship.
Gold Coast Bulletin

Scott's skill in evoking place is marvellously realised in her passages about Sydney. ..In the end the city becomes almost another character. I once lived in Kings Cross. After reading this absorbing novel I wanted to live there again.
Beryl Fletcher , Waikato Times

It has been a long time since a book could bring tears to the eyes of a hardened old journo like me. Rosie Scott is a talented writer who skilfully creates a rich tapestry you will not forget in a hurry.
Heather Skelton, Bop Times

Honest and humorous, hopeless and hopeful, Faith Singer offers an insight into the culture of drug addiction in what is ultimately, a redemptive story.
Gisbourne Herald

Her powerful sixth novel…. Since Trainspotting, hip tales of heroin-fuelled decadence have become fashionable. But where a book such as Andrew McGahan's 'Praise' wallows in squalor, Faith Singer is old fashioned enough to offer hope. Not that Scott turns gooey on us or ever suggests the world can be changed overnight…Redemption is a matter of taking one step at a time.
Iain Sharp, Book of the week, Auckland Star

Scott writes with compelling prose so poetic and affectionate it sparkles.
Jessica Rascke, Australian Bookseller and Publisher

…Scott's novel unfolds like a movie, or a parable about about some old waster redeemed by the struggle to save a fragile precious life that has barely started on the long struggle to the other end.
Janet Chimonyo, The Melbourne Age

Scott is a compelling writer and her gritty and poetic novel is a rich portrayal of inner-city Sydney.. Violent and tender Faith Singer is a moving read.
Mary Lovell-Smith, The Press

The Kiwi-born writer creates characters so real, it's difficult to believe they aren't living and breathing somewhere on this planet. Scott writes in a style that is dreamy and intense, but flows like a mighty river. It's impossible not to keep reading because each chapter ends on the edge of a waterfall, danger just a needle away.
Virginia Winder, The Daily News

Faith Singer

This is the story of Faith, a rock singer who lives in Kings Cross and works in a strange little cafe there and Angel, a dreamy young homeless girl.

Angel is surrounded by danger, her fragile hold on life weakened by the violence of a client and her spiralling drug habit.

Faith is a born outsider, a women who has really lived her life and is still not afraid of taking emotional risks.

Her intense commitment to saving Angel stems from unresolved events in her own wild life - an eccentric upbringing by a Communist aunt, her roller coaster career a s a famous rock singer, passionate love affairs and her the fate of her beloved daughter.

On one hand the story is about the moving friendship between them, its redemptive nature as well as the dark and frightening places it leads them into, on another it is a celebration of an extraordinary woman's life and the city she loves.

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