Movie Dreams


Movie Dreams was shortlisted for the Christina Stead NSW Premiers Prize for Fiction and the Biennial National Book Award.

There's a whole generation of readers who'll identify with Adan and the phonies who prey on him, just as earlier generations have identified with Holden Caulfield.

Liam Davidson, Australian Book Review

Magnificent..among the finest Australian road novels.

Stuart Coupe Juice

It's a story which details the often confused and yet strangely enticing culture of modern youth - without being patronising or forced...the drug scenes reek of realism, as authentic in experience as anything Thomas De Quincy might have written.

Katrina Iffland Canberra Times

Movie Dreams" hints at the almost miraculous resilience of the imagination, the will to survive and make sense of the apparently senseless…. As Adan's mental crane shot sets the scene zooming in for the final close up, Adan is maybe finally able to consider himself as the subject of his own movie, ordinary and special, insightful and afraid, wheels spinning in the grids of old roads seen for the first time

Rose Lucas Sunday Age, Melbourne

It is no small achievement to place yourself in the mind of a 17 year old Australian male, to convey his feelings of uselessness, to see through his eyes at the height of a drug and alcohol frenzy, to convincingly relay his feelings towards sex and suicide and the future. A work like "Movie Dreams" takes an enormous amount of courage. That to me, is the sign of a real writer...This is Rosie Scott's fifth novel and it is further proof that she is one of the most interesting and important writers in the country today.

Matt Condon

Movie Dreams is Rosie Scott's best novel since "Glory Days." It would make a good movie.

Graeme Lay, North and South

I love Scott's books and "Movie Dreams' was all I hoped for.

Movie Dreams" is Rosie Scott's fifth novel and with each of her books she just seems to keep getting better - her voice is stronger and more confident, and her characters and story lines are richer and more complex."

Annie Gray, Wellington Dominion

Ambitious and ingenious - very acute writing

Julian Croft, The Weekend Australian

Adan has the irony and acerbic wit of a Holden Caulfield, but with a lost and struggling quality that makes him infinitely more vulnerable. As always within an intriguing narrative, Scott hones in on painful truths..

Jane Freeman, Sydney Morning Herald

Scott's value to us as a contemporary writer is her lightly worn knowledge of and empathy with a floating underclass. While the lives of her characters may offend some middleclass readers she resists preachily rubbing our nose in dirt and waste. As Scott charts Adan's progress or lack of it she treats readers to succinct gems of observation and evidence of her accurate ear.

Robin Lucas, Brisbane Courier Mail

Rosie Scott is a writer with impressive control of her craft. She handles the demands of this first-person narrative with wit and intelligence, and her authorial presence is considerable.

Josephine Schaefer, Holywood SHS

Her silken prose traps the heat and light of Queensland ; it spins a shiny cocoon round a traumatised teen.

David Eggelton

Rosie Scott's ability to get inside the head of a 17 year old is strikingly real. Strange and off-beat, "Movie Dreams" is at the same time, the experience of most teenagers struggling to find themselves and their place in the world..An easy and enjoyable read for a wide age group.

Rebecca Walsh, Daily Telegraph

If you’re into glamour, forget it. Movie Dreams more than makes up for lack however in Scott’s ability to portray so vividly the the heart of the lost Adan.

Diana Brow, Quote Unquote

The whole of this short remarkable novel is told from Adan’s perspective and Rosie Scott’s art of conveying what one intelligent 17year old’s consciousness is like…. is wonderfully done.

Tim Upperton, Northern Advocate

Hugely honest, whiplash fast and pierced by sudden lyrical tenderness.

David Hill, New Zealand Herald

Written in a strong, clean narrative, it makes for a poignant and telling read. The book reads like a road movie script with its stark imagery encompassing the sleaze and shuffle of roadside life. The characters provoke and stand out from the madding crowd.

Bridget Mahy, Pavement

This fever dream of a book bears the stamp of a major talent in the vitality of the writing , the freshness of its allusions to films and music, the novelty of its movie making metaphors and similes.

Rick McGregor, Otago Daily Times

Scott appears to have masterfully entered the mind of a male adolescent. An honest and gutsy piece of writing which will appeal to many teenagers as well as adults trying to understand them.

Lynette Gee, Waikato Times

Rosie Scott is mapping for us the underside of life in contemporary Australia with all its fascinating richness of socially unacceptable behaviours, attitudes and relationships...a passionate writer who is able to get inside the heads of her characters, she is also a highly skilled writer whose images remain in the mind long after the novel is finished. "Movie Dreams" gives us the opportunity to live for a brief time inside the mind of a teenager.

Susan Perry

'You're like me,' she said still staring at me from the darkness, 'You're a real fauve.'
    'What's a fauve?'
    'A wild beast,' she said. 'Not fit to live in polite society.'
    I knew it was true and also at that moment that I was going off. The two of them, Jean-Paul and Sofie, weird adults going out on a planet of their own, why was I circling round people like that? If this was real adult love, how could I survive anything? I was just on the edge of harm, the waves of dope pouring over me were glittering and beautiful but I knew at any minute they could freeze solid and turn into dry ice, with such sullen explosive power in them they could blow me off the planet.
    'I'm fucked in the head, ' I tried to explain to her. 'But it's only temporary. I know what I'd doing.'

In a strange and richly compelling story, Rosie Scott reveals the subterranean world of seventeen-year-old Adan Loney. The deceptively simple narrative slides beneath the surface into the primal world of fears and dreams he can't articulate - the force that drives him as he travels up the coast into the surreal landscapes of Australia's far northern tropics, in search of a meaning he only half understands, burdened and inspired by his movie dreams.

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